Liz's top ten comedies of the nite :)

10. Scrooged - Makes every christmas a little bit better

9. What About Bob? - what about bob?????

8.Wayne's World - party time!

7. Dogma- Shit demon.

6. The Princess Bride- You killed my father now you must die.

5. Wedding Singer - Everything 80's...ahh.

4. Animal house- Drinking has never been so much fun.

3. Caddy Shack- Ty Webb.. :)

2. office space- 'cuz who doesn't dream of doing nothing?

1. revenge of the nerds - 'cuz I was like 10 and my uncle let me watch it and I got to see boobs, big boobs. Boobs are great.
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Top Ten Movies in Sarahville (subject to changes)

10: The Neverending Story (great flick!)

9: The Goonies (who doesn't love it?)

8: Office Space (Samir Naga, Nagahi, Nagonna work here anymore anyway!)

7: A Christmas Story (You'll shoot your eye out, kid)

6: The Labyrinth (Did you say hello? No, I said 'ello... close enough.)

5: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (There are those who call me...TIM!)

4: Spirited Away (Hyao Myazaki is my hero)

3: The Passion of the Christ (any movie that can make me cry so hard that snot runs down my face deserves a spot on my list)

2: Amelie (the most beautiful movie ever created)

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

1: Fargo (the Coen Brothers are the most brilliant film-makers of our time and I am OBSESSED with them)

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top ten SODAS. not pop. SODAS.

top ten sodas:

10. Barq's Red Cream - My favorite to get at school.

9. Generic Fruit Punch Soda - I don't know why, but i love it.

8. Sprite Remix - Yeah, I like it.

7. Sunkist Orange - Who says only kids like orange soda???

6. Jones Berry Lemonade - I can only get it at Duffy's. It's delicious.

5. Dr. Pepper - I love me some Dr. Pepper, anytime.

4. 7up - I like 7up when Sprite is not available, and YES, they do taste different to me.

3. dnL - So good, and only 1.66 for a 12 pack.

2. Sprite - A classic choice at all resturaunts. No ice, please.

1. Jones FuFu Berry - Fucking Delicious. Nuff said.